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The procedure for review of manuscripts

The procedure for review of manuscripts

The procedure for reviewing papers submitted to the editor of "Vestnik NCHTI" consists of the following steps: 1) examination of the executive secretary of the journal article on its compliance with the essential requirements to the design approved by the editors of the magazine; 2) review, which is carried out by specialists of the corresponding profile, having a doctorate degree or PhD and not held for scientific, financial or any other relationship with both the author of the article and with the editors of the magazine. The review shall be conducted confidentially. Upon receiving a positive review article is accepted for publication, as reported by the author. If there are some comments from reviewer article is sent to the author for revision. In case of deviation from the article published in the Journal of the author sent a reasoned refusal in writing (e) form; 3) approval of the list of articles of the editorial board of the journal. It has the right to reject an article, even peer reviewed, and send it for re-review. Selection of a reviewer is dependent upon the editorial board.

Term review of articles is determined by the editorial board of the magazine with the creation of conditions for the most rapid publication.


The editorial board does not keep manuscripts not accepted for publication. Manuscripts accepted for publication will not be returned. Manuscript received a negative review will not be published and will not be returned to the author. Reviews stored publishing within 5 years.